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July 11
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Antisapation by DazCraft87 Antisapation by DazCraft87
Here be the sketch commission for :iconmrmarmarak: of Shizune from Katawa Shouju :)

Art © to :icondazcraft87:
character © to there respected owner.
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DashadyAlien Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm a lovely sight to see, she doesen't look too happy about it but am shure someone is gonna change that :p Lovely work done.
Yumeshunketsu777 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I don't know who she is on a personal level *considering I can read the name in the description I technically know WHO she is, heheeh, but just very lovely work on this my friend! Just first off, those soles look magical! Just the shape, those toes, the line  from the ball leading to the arch and the shading and again the toes...they look absolutely stunning and you have done amazing on them!
As for the rest of her...well.....ALSO AMAZING! Heheh, that expression is wonderful, and even though the poor girl seems worried, you have drawn that concerned look so incredibly well. The glasses and eyes look very nice and Eeeeee I love blushing~! HEhee it looks fantastic. 
Also excellent work on the cloths as well. They have so much reality to them in terms of fabric. They really look like if I touched them they would be quite soft and just everything about them looks well done.

So just over all man, wow! Heheh this looks wonderful!
Wakka66 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
:iconfranknfurterplz: I see you shiver with antici... pation
MattGambo Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Great work with the shadows dude! You're are improving your skills! (that's my modest opinion, of course). Keep going! ;)
Demon-Without-Horns Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another mystery series to me, but I do love the design of this girl~

Great perspective shot, and the sketchy shading added is awesome! Perfect expression of anxiety ;3
MrMarmarak Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
It looks like I picked a good character ^_^ As I said before, awesome job mate. The topest of the notches! 
Thejboy88 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
I love how nervous she looks here. So cute.
EWU619 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
FireSlayer350 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Simply beautiful <3
Karuzem Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Been waiting years to see something featuring any of the gals from KS, it was worth the wait!

The expression on Shizune's face is truly delectable, I also quite like the overall style of the picture. :)
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